Clothing Embroidery & Printing

Our specialist factory in Colchester contains state of the art machines capable of adding the most complex embroidery, screen printing, transfer, and foil designs to our garments. And our highly experienced staff will be able to guide the you through the entire process to ensure that your design is faithfully represented on the finished garment.

Unlike most garment printing companies, along with high quality direct silk screen printing we can apply a wide range of speciality finishes, including:

Glow in the Dark
This special finish will make your design stand out in bars and clubs, especially under UV lighting.

Adding Glitter makes your design sparkle and gives a glitzy finish.

Hi-Build Printing
Raises your image by having part of it printed with specialist inks to create a classic and more individual look.

Foil and Hi-Build Foil
Smooth coloured metallic foil adds some bright contrast, but for added class the use of Hi-Build foil can help your design stand out from the hoy polloy.

Clear Beads
Lift your design with some beading - any or all colours in the design can have clear beads applied to provide a unique effect.

For more information on how you can use speciality finishes to add to your design, speak to our specialist staff at our factory: 01403 262453
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screen printed t shirt
Silk Screen Print

glow in the dark printed t shirt
Glow in the Dark

glitter printed t shirt

hi build printed t shirt
Hi-Build Print

high build foil printed sweatshirt
Hi-Build Foil

bead printed t shirt
Clear Beads

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